Elevage du Lys - Uvéa du Lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
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Uvéa du LysUvéa du Lys puce

Poulinière de 11 ans
Toulon bwp - Plein d'Espoir IV sf

Uvéa has already rested(posed) his marks, 3rd of the French championship of the young people female foals in 2008. Big mare with the bone, with the blood, with the frame(executive) and a well asserted caractèe.

In 2010, 2-year-old, Uvéa begins the reproduction.

puce Table des générations puce

Génération père :
Toulon bwp
Heartbreaker bwp
Nimmerdor se
Bacarole holst
Nikita bwp
Jokinal de Bornival
Génération mère :
Velleda du Heup sf
Plein d'Espoir IV sf
Pancho II aa
Tob de Fondelyne aa
Jalna sf
Et Hop aa
Dalida sf

Production puce

2010: Covered by Quaprice du Bois Margot

Origine puce

His father: Toulon BWP

Winner of Global Grand Prix SAO PAULO's Tour, 4th to VALKENSWAARD, 2nd in CALGARY and 5th of Global Grand Prix Champions Tour of Arezzo gone(taken) up by Hubert Bourdy, vice(defect) champion of Belgium in 2008 and elected representative better horse of year 2007 in Belgium. ISO 181 ( 2007 ).

Her mother: Velleda du Heup SF

International winner under Hubert Bourdy's saddle, Iso 155, then seriously hurt, his(her,its) sporting career was stopped(arrested). She was put in the reproduction in 1998. Velleda, good mother, produced with a lot of quality in its products.

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