Elevage du Lys - Redowa Fontanel
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
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Redowa FontanelRedowa Fontanel puce

Poulinière 1m67 de 14 ans
For Pleasure han - Almé sf

Girl of one of the best horses of competition(help) of the world is also a girl of the famous GEISHA GIRL N!!!!!

Indeed, Redowa is a brood mare of an exceptional low origin.
She arises from one of the best French families of obstacle, the big family of Jalisco B ( Tanagra), by For Pleasure, twice medal-holder of gold in Olympics, three times the égallement gold in European championships, champion of Germany and winner(conqueror) of numerous tests(events) of World cup and Grand Prix.

Redowawill be put in the breeding in the age of 3 years, production to be followed...

puce Table des générations puce

Génération père :
For Pleasure han
Furioso II sf
Furioso ps
Dame de Ranville sf
Gigantin han
Grannus han
Goldi han
Génération mère :
Bilitis du Defey sf
Almé sf
Girondine sf
Geisha N sf
Night and Day ps
Tanagra sf

Production puce

2009: Varnam Fontanel by Kalaska de Sémilly

: Adagio du Lys by Calvaro Z

Origine puce

Father: For Pleasure HAN

For Pleasure, very big to performeur on the international scene during 10 years. Winner(conqueror) of the tests(events) of approval, twice champion of Germany, 3 times Champion of Europe, twice medal-holder of Gold in the J.O, is unquestionably the standard(stallion) the richest in all the history(story) of the international horse show. He(it) gains(wins) among others the GPW of Geneva, Zürich, Lucerne, For Pleasure was elected Standard(Stallion) from the Century to 2003 and better horse of Hanover. He(it) adds up an accumulated earnings(gain) about 3 million euro.

Mother: Bilitis du Defey, SF

Bilitis by Almé among others produced Gavotte of the defey, international in Italy before becoming brood mare, He(It) dances of the defey, standard(stallion) in Portugal, Jaléo of the defey, standard(stallion) in Spain …..

2nd mother: geisha girl N, SF

Geisha girl (by Night and Day) the exceptional mare of Janou Lebfevre in the 1970s, ISO 150. Uterine sister of the leader of race Jalisco B, counts in her production: the standards(stallions) Kissovo, Urous, Veneur du Defey as well as the member international performance artist of the French team Ephebe for Ever ISO 170 …..

3rd mother: Tanagra

Tanagra (by Furioso), the founder of this origin(stump) of uncountable champions produced Danaso ISO 178, Escurial ISO 145, Geisha girl N ISO 150, the exceptional leader of race JALISCO B ISO 169. Among his(her) grandsons we find among others the standards(stallions) Valero du Theillet ISO 161, Arioso du Theillet ISO 167, Cabdula du Tillard ISO 174 …

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