Elevage du Lys - Velleda du Heup
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
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Velleda du HeupVelleda du Heup puce

Poulinière 1m67 de 32 ans ISO 155
Plein d'espoir IV sf - Et Hop aa

Big international winner under Hubert Bourdy's saddle Velleda, Iso 155, then seriously hurt, his sporting career was stopped(arrested). She(it) was put in the reproduction in 1998. Velleda, good mother, produced with a lot of quality in its products.

puce Table des générations puce

Génération père :
Plein d'espoir IV sf
Tanael sf
Ibrahim ps
Kadine ps
Kavale sf
Starter sf
Cavale du Mesnil sf
Génération mère :
Jalna sf
Et Hop aa
Pancho II aa
Tob de Fondelyne aa
Dalida sf
Khereddine ds
Valabelle sf

Production puce

1998: Quingdam de Bacon by Fellow de Revel, foal wounded person
1999: Lady de Bacon by Voltaire, exported in Great Britain
2001: Neige de Bacon by Lux Z, ISO 135, Elite in 4 years then qualified in 5,6 and 7 years then put in the breeding.
2002: Olympic de Bacon by Oberon of the mill ISO 124
2003: Plume de Bacon by Fergar Mail ISO 124
2004: Qui Vive de Bacon by Fetiche of the step
2005: Roxane de Bacon by Nabob de Reve
2006: Stella du Lys by Tinka Boy, qualified in finale of the French championship of the 2-year-old foals in 2008 to St Lo
2007: Team du Lys by Kashmir Van' t Schuttershof, Sold
2008: Uvea du Lys by Toulon, 3rd of the championat of France of the young people female foals to St Lo
2009: Vénézia du Lys by Winningmood

Origine puce

Velleda du Heup stemming from the crossing of Plein d'espoir IV, SF and Jalna SF (by Et Hop AA). Jalna is a mother and a grandmother of good horses of obstacle such as: Espoir du Rivage ISO 138, Velleda ISO 150 as well as quite good Herton des Vaux under Eric Navet's saddle with an Indication of 161.

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