Elevage du Lys - Neige de bacon
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
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Neige de baconNeige de bacon puce

Poulinière 1m72 de 18 ans ISO 135
Lux Z han - Plein d'Espoir IV sf

Neige de Bacon very good mare of show jumping Elite in Fontainebleau at the age of 4 then qualified in the finales in 5, 6 and 7ans, Iso 135. She counts many victories and classifications in DC 6 years, at the age of 7 Neige in participated in the CSI *** of Nantes or she is classified 10th  then in test Pro2 under the saddle of François Eric Fedry, before injuring itself. She possesses 5 points PACE.

Neige is now going to dedicate itself to the reproduction.

puce Table des générations puce

Génération père :
Lux Z han
Lord Calando holst
Lord holst
Perra holst
Apocalypte holst
Ahorn Z han
Sanntona holst
Génération mère :
Velleda du Heup sf
Plein d'Espoir IV sf
Tanael sf
Kavale sf
Jalna sf
Et Hop aa
Dalila sf

Production puce

2010: Covered by Ogano Sitte

Origine puce

Father: lux Z

Lux is one of bigger winners in the history of the equestrian sports. It is a father and a grandfather of winners estimated(appreciated) all over the world. After numerous international classifications, he(it) participates in JEM DE JEREZ and ends 17th of the individual classification. He participated in the biggest sports terms: European championships in 1999 and 2001, Finale of the World cup and J.O. of Sydney in 2000 and World Equestrian Games(Sets) in 2002.

1st Mother: Velleda du Heup SF

Big international winner under Hubert Bourdy's saddle Velleda, Iso 155, then seriously hurt, his(her,its) sporting career was stopped(arrested). She(it) was put in the reproduction in 1998. The products of Velleda show a lot of quality in the obstacle. His father Plein d'espoir IV, also produced the excellent horse of training Diabolo St Maurice with an IDR 169.

2nd Mother: Jalna SF

Jalna SF by Et Hop AA is a mother and a grandmother of good horses of obstacle such as: Espoir du Rivage ISO 138, Velleda ISO 150 as well as quite good Herton des Vaux under Eric Navet's saddle with an Indication of 161.

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