Elevage du Lys - Idylle de la lande
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
Elevage du lys
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Idylle de la landeIdylle de la lande puce

Poulinière 1m64 de 23 ans ISO 148
Ticket Chic sf - Not\'Reveillon tf

Idylle de la Lande, the big winner in CSO, excellent competitor with the determination to win. She counts numerous victories and classifications under the saddle of François Eric Fedry, classifications in CSI *, Derby of Arcachon, 1st of one 1m40 in Périgueux .. Idyll is classified ELITE and possess 5,5 points PACE.

puce Table des générations puce

Génération père :
Ticket Chic sf
Grand Veneur sf
Amour du Bois sf
Tanagra G sf
Humiere sf
Viconte Grandieux sf
Quantilly sf
Génération mère :
Louisette Mabon tf
Not\'Reveillon tf
Cyrano tf
Giovanna tf
Boetie tf
Prince d\'Avril tf
Picarde tf

Production puce

2006: Female by Lux Z, 1st of the Centre region Sidylle du Lys, and Val de Loire in 2 years and 27th in the championat of France

2007: Tee Boy du Lys, Male by Toulon, having sold him, at the age of 6 months, he died further to an accident.

2008: Up' Silon du Lys, Male by Eurocommerce Berlin, Up' silon gains(wins) the qualifying from Male of 2 years to Poitiers with 9/10 at the obstacle, he is thus going to compete for finale to St Lô.

2010: Covered by Ugano Sitte

Origine puce

His father: Ticket Chic

Ticket Chic stallion of the National Stud farms, Iso 132, son of the leader of race Master of the royal hounds.

Her mother: Louisette Mabon TF

Louisette produced 3 horses Saddle Frenchman: Houise de la Lande Iso 140, Idylle de la Lande Iso 148 and Mic dela Lande Iso 136.

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